Test results

At Richmond Medical Centre, we have a policy of contacting patients only about abnormal test results.  We will not contact you if your test results are normal and need no action.  We have systems in place to make sure that all test results are accessed and dealt with promptly. Please don’t telephone us to ask about test results as we do not have the resources to speak to each patient who has had a test.

How do I find out my test results from the Hospital/GP?

When results have come back from the hospital, whether it have been requested by the hospital or GP, if there is anything abnormal with your results either your GP or the person who requested the tests at the hospital would be in touch with you either by phone or letter.

If everything has come back ok and the doctor did not ask you to book in to have a review once your results were back then the GP will not be in touch.

If you have not heard anything back from the results but are still experiencing symptoms/problems then please contact the surgery.